Past 25 years experience, includes 16 years in the field of liaison and branding. After much experience, with an idea of doing something different but REAL , Ray-Vision came into existence in February 2009.

Organizing seminars or delivering speech is very motivational thing. Many people attend and listen to the same as well. The Speaker emphasizes that the listener has to churn one’s mind to whatever has been served. The Speaker cannot twig as to how much the listener applies in one’s life.

The purpose of disseminating my services such as creative approach, liaison, individual development, personalized counseling and solution for betterment is not restricted to giving an aggressive speech; it is beyond holding listener by encouraging till I get positive result.

Nageshwer Dixit is working as a partner without any jargon or gimmicks for company’s strong and long term progress and build a team who work with the similar principals.


Simple is better than complex


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